CNNS Highlights:

  • Designing and carrying out for Earth Day 1980 a special project to identify top alternative energy projects in every state in the US.
  • Writing articles and books, including:

    NYTimes bestseller (1984)  Surviving: The Best Game on Earth
    Butterfly,  and
    Return To The Garden.

  • Coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitating deep dialogue with a variety of nonprofit, educational and community organizations.
  • Designing and teaching new concepts for a more effective education system.
  • Public speaking, facilitating workshops and dialogues on environmental issues, with a focus on solutions.
  • Designing and teaching new concepts and deep architecture for economic and financial systems, based on new understandings of the changed nature of money in the digital and information age.
  • Teaching core spiritual insights and psycho-spiritual development practices.
  • Serving nonprofit leaders in the role of an Advanced Practitioner of the Voice Dialogue Process.
  • Teaching individuals and groups high level communications and active listening skills, including developing and deploying an innovative Multi-Tier Video-Feedback process to support people in making major breakthroughs in their self-awareness.
  • Teaching the KEEPRAH Holistic Methodology for problem-solving.
  • Developing and presenting unique trainings in how to conduct interviews that support dramatic personal change in the interviewee.
  • Facilitating constructive and healing dialogue between groups in conflict.
  • Networking and collaborating on a national and global scale with a wide range of people from different cultures and from all walks of life, seeking to understand and empathize with their many perspectives and to discover deeper levels of convergence.

    Since 1980, Norie Huddle has been designing and playing The Best Game on Earth under the auspices of CNNS. She has introduced The Game on four continents and in 2017, presented a TEDx talk on The Game (see Her book, Butterfly, is the First Special Project of The Best Game on Earth.

    In 1991-1992, Norie participated in the four preliminary conferences (Geneva and NYC) for organizing the UN’s First Earth Summit, and attended the Summit in Rio de Janeiro (1992). At the Summit she conducted video interviews with serveral dozen NGO representatives and delivered to all Official Delegations two original papers, one on Creating a Global Security System and a second on Redesigning the Global Economic System.
    Norie has delivered workshops, presentations and keynotes in Japan, the US, the former USSR and Ecuador. She did citizen diplomacy for close to a decade in the former USSR. She speaks several languages with different degrees of fluency and can give presentations in English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Italian.
    In 2007, Norie and her husband, Richard Wheeler, launched the Second Special Project of The Best Game on Earth, by initiating the Garden of Paradise in south-central Ecuador. They have been transforming a 350-acre semi-abandoned farm into a Garden of Paradise with the vision that this may serve as a model of rural development with a healthy relationship between human beings and nature. Norie and Richard won the world’s first Rights of Nature lawsuit (2011). Norie’s article about this landmark lawsuit is found here.
    Between 2010-2013, Norie was inspired to draw 1001 original butterflies, one each day, while focusing on the transformation of humanity. The butterflies have been used in several small projects and will be used in future projects.
    In 2011, Norie nearly died and that experience has profoundly shaped her work and insights.
    CURRENT PROJECT: CNNS is the Launching Sponsor of HELP TIP THE GLOBAL DOMINO SUMMIT, an innovative Virtual Summit to support the acceleration of very widespread self-organizing efforts already underway around the Earth. For more information, click here.

Norie - in 1979

Norie - in 2020

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